Alone in the Land of the Midnight Sun ebook


A daughter betrayed. A father kidnapped. A broken bond that could destroy everything.
Angelica has always been a rule breaker.
Now, with the New Testament restored, she struggles to understand some of the teachings of this man they call Jesus, especially the one calling her to forgive the one man who has done the unforgivable – her father.
But when the very militia that nearly took Angelica’s life kidnaps her father, she discovers it might take far more than forgiveness to survive the mission God is now calling her on.
With her own life in the balance, will her refusal to forgive also destroy those most precious to her, or will she find the strength to surrender her own will to that of the Messiah she’s just met?

Alone in the Land of the Midnight Sun is the fantastic second book in the Angelica Christian dystopian fantasy series. If you like Frank Peretti, Ted Dekker, and Jerry B. Jenkins, then you’ll love Christina Cattane’s intriguing adventure.

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