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A Chance To Win Signed Copies Of My Books

Spring has merged into summer here in the tropics of Michigan and we’ve had some pretty hot days this week. Luckily, on Tuesday, I was able to spend the afternoon with a friend who has a lazy river in her back yard. It felt so good just being pushed along by the current while lounging on my floatie. If you’ve read either of my books you’ve probably figured out just how much I love being in, on, or near the water. Lakes, rivers, pools, it doesn’t matter. No offense, but I could never live in a place like Florida where you can’t go jump in the lake without fear of being eaten by a prehistoric creature. Plus, I would never want to be that hot! It will soon be July, the height of the tropical weather here in Michigan (relative to Alaska of course), and July means Campmeeting! My favorite week of the summer! I look forward all year to spending the week at our glamper, on our church campground, which is crowded with folks we often only see during that week. It’s like a giant family reunion. There are two services each day, and I always come away spiritually refreshed. Of course, every afternoon is spent in the lake, being physically refreshed by the cool water, before running off for a quick dinner and back to service again. This year I will have the privilege of having a table set up to sell my books before and after every service, as well as one I’m going to set up at the campsite. I’ve ordered fifty paperback copies of both book 1, Lost in the Land of the Midnight Sun; and book 2, Alone in the Land of the Midnight Sun.  Would you like a signed copy of my books?                Well, since I have these boxes of books here I thought I would have a giveaway. If you’d like to win signed copies of my books just enter here by July 1st, and I will pick one lucky person at random to win them both. In the meantime I’ve been writing book 3 and watching the reviews for Alone come in. I want to thank everyone who left an honest review after reading the book. It means so much! I can’t wait to tell you about all the things that will happen in book 3, but I’ll have to save that for my next email. For those who still haven’t gotten a copy of Alone in the Land of the Midnight Sun, or even if you have, enter the giveaway here by July 1st to get a chance to win a signed copy of both books. They’re both also available on Amazon Kindle, Kindle Unlimited, and in Paperback. (Audible available now for Lost, and coming soon for Alone!) How is your summer going so far? In Him, Christina  

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